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Sunday, 12 August 2012

The castle is back!

After a bit of an absence all round (facebook, blog, networking etc), THE CASTLE IS BACK!

I decided to close the business for a few weeks to get my head together and have a bit of time to myself before I went on my holidays.

But pleased to say, I'm back as normal so here's my handmade monday blog!

So where to start...

It'd been a long time coming but me and King Neil finally went on a proper holiday abroad and with our best friends and godchildren too. We went to a lovely place called Sisi in Crete where it was 33 - 39 degrees every day.

When we got to our hotel, they'd put the 6 of us into a family suite on 2 floors. The terrace was beautiful and had this gorgeous view from one side and a view of the sea from the other. This is me and Neil on our second night before we went for our evening meal. When we got back to the room and the girls were asleep, we'd spent many a night lying back looking at all the stars in the sky. It's amazing how much more you can see without all of the street lights!

The sun beach in Malia. We had a day trip here and it was just beautiful. The sea was wonderfully refreshing after an hour or so sunbathing. And there were lots of little fishes in the shallow rock pools.

Spinalonga from the boat. If you haven't heard of Spinalonga it's a tiny island that was used as a leper colony from 1903 - 1957. Very humbling place and worth reading up on.

Me in my big floppy hat, which proved very useful for reading in the sunshine!

So back from my holibobs and I'd like to say I'm feeling all refreshed but after nearly a week of being back at home, Crete feels like a life time away! Roll on November when we have our long weekend in Snowdonia!

New stuff

I think one of the reasons I got a bit disheartened with the business was because I wasn't doing anything new and exciting, I didn't feel I had anything to network about.
So I've had a nosey online for some inspiration and have a few new things in the pipeline which I'll hopefully be able to show you in the coming weeks.
Here's a sneak peak of my shopping list:
  • Cath kidston napkins
  • Empty stella cidre bottles
  • Fabric samples
  • Ric rac


This is another thing I just lost all motivation for. I'm not into these liking ladders and tagging sessions as I don't think people end up looking at your page they just like it for likings sake. However, I know I need to get back on top of it, so first thing I'm going to be doing is sharing a link to this blog!

And that's it really. I'm always open to suggestions on what you want to see on the blog, 
on my facebook page 
and on the website (which I will be updating over the next couple of weeks).

Hope you all have a good week, happy crafting



  1. Welcome back! Spinalonga sounds very interesting. I've never been to Crete, although my grandmother was born there, and my Dad and his family lived there for a while after their house in Kefalonia was destroyed by the massive earthquake in the 50s.
    Your shopping list sounds very intriguing!

  2. If you wanted to know more about it, Victoria Hislop wrote a book about it called "The Island". I ordered it when I got back and will start reading it once I've finished my other book I only started when I was away.
    Crete's a beautiful part of the world, would definitely recommend it as a holiday destination.
    It is rather intriguing, just like the things I'm going to make with them. Not 100% sure it's going to work yet, just need one last thing to arrive then I can make a start :)

  3. Welcome back! I suggest getting back into networking on your own terms only (the like-for-like stuff is pretty much worthless). You'll enjoy Victoria Hislop's book - it definitely made me want to visit Spinalonga, and you'll be able to read it from the angle of having visited. I've only ever visited the west & south of Crete - would love to go back and see some more, I loved it there.

  4. What a lovely sounding and looking holiday. I am quite envious of you. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to make from your shopping list - are you using all the items for one pproject I wonder? Jo x

  5. Spinalonga looks and sounds fascinating. I know what you mean about needing time out to think and plan for the future. I join in with face to face networking too as that is really useful and you get instant feedback. Off to your facebook page now x

  6. oo, i think we're all envious of that sunshine

  7. I agree with your comment about 'liking pages'. I've tried just recently and not sure what I've managed to get out of it. I find Networking a bit of a struggle.

    Glad to see you back on the scene though!

  8. Looks like a lovely holiday destination!

  9. Great holiday pictures. Wouldn't mind a bit of that sunshine!

  10. Wendy - I totally agree. I've never seen the benefit in them. Seems a lot of work for not a lot of gain. Would very much recommend Crete, it's very hot in high season but scenery is amazing and there's something for everyone.

    Pickle lily - No, not all of the shopping list on one item :)

    Bev - Thanks for stopping by, you'll have to leave a link to your page so I can also pop by :)

    Kat - Networking is difficult, I find it easier when I have something to promote to be honest.

    Helen Hannah and Fiddly- I've waited a long time for that sunshine and it was just beautiful. Even if our summer is a let down, I got 7 days of it :)

  11. Sounds like a wonderful vacation. We live almost at the beach, so to me a vacation is the mountains or something, but I think anytime you just get away from normal life it's a vacation!
    As far as networking I'm afraid I'm no help since I only craft and blog for my own fun and to keep me sane (I don't sell anything so there is no pressure to do anything). But yes, if people are just clicking to your page so you will click on theirs but not really looking at your things, what good is it? And I think that's what a lot of internet traffic is. I guess you have to find a way to get real people who are really interested in what you do. Not an easy task. I do try to post cool things I see on Handmade Monday to twitter/facebook/pinterest because I like to promote the people who make awesome stuff.

  12. It was brilliant Susie. I'd love to live near the beach. We love it in Devon, been twice now and stayed close to Woolacombe because the beach is so amazing.
    That's my problem with this silent tagging and liking ladders.
    My other big bug bear is people and pages who say you must like from your personal page otherwise it "doesn't count". I don't see the point in my numbers going up if no-one's looking at my items. And I never like from my personal page when people tell me to.
    I've just finished some bunting off for a friend's new baby, maybe I'll save that for next week!