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Sunday, 19 August 2012


So in last week's handmade harbour blog I alluded to my weird and wonderful shopping list which intrigured a few people:

  • Cath kidston napkins
  • Empty stella cidre bottles
  • Fabric samples

So this week's handmade harbour blog is dedicated to what I've been making with them!

First up - Glass bottle vases
After being soaked overnight in hot water and wahsing up liquid to get the labels off and make sure there's no cidre smell, bottle is then tightly wrapped with twine to make this very cute vase.
I could have bought the bottles in but thought I'd keep costs down by recycling them instead. They do use a lot of twine though so have ordered 500m!
My other half isn't a crafty person at all and very often doesn't like / understand my stuff but even he came home and said how nice these were. So nice he's letting me put two up either side of the fireplace!
Here's one of the places the napkins also come in too...
If you strip away the thicker layer of a napkin you can use decopatch glue to glue it to the twine!
So here's the bird / flower Cath Kidston design napkin also glued on in two bands.
These are £6 each without the design and £7 each with them but are limited due to the number of bottles we can drink at a time!

Second up - Storage boxes
These cute papier mache storage boxes are 10.5cm x 10.5cm and are so much fun to make. Using the napkins again to rip bits of the design and glue them down. I prefer ripping to cutting as it gives it more of a natural look.
Think these have got quite a vintage feel to them. I only posted photos of this on my page on Friday and yesterday I had an order for 2! Off to get more of these boxes tomorrow as they come in hearts, rounds and stars!

Morer! - That dreaded C word

I finally caved in and started thinking about Christmas. So on my facebook page I've added to the Christmas is coming album and also created an album for Christmas gift ideas that don't have a christmas theme. 
So I've used some of the fabric samples I bought and make some Christmas looking bunting. Got a matching felt backing and letter with a nice red polka dot ribbon to hang it up by. This is £1.50 per letter but this fabric is limited!

There's more - Smelly heart hangers

Like moths, I'm not a big fan of lavender but stick these hanging hearts in your wardrobe and your clothes will be moth and Tasha free!
The top heart is 8cm and the bottom one is 4cm so not very big but they are lovely to make.
Selling a string of 2 hearts for £2 or a set of set |(as pictured) for £3.50.
Again, posted this up on Friday and already had an order for some green ones.
However, seems that people are after different scents so I've also ordered lots of dried rosemary and mint so people have the option.

Last but not least - Prototype air freshener

Nobody's seen this yet!
A fellow crafter emailed me and asked me yesterday about taking the hanging heart idea and turning into it an air freshener for their car.
So, after an hour here's what I came up with.
Just waiting for the rosemary and muslin to arrive as these will be refillable (there's a button on the back to pop a new one in). I've also bought some elastic to try that out too!

On top of my super crafty week, I also went out for a meal with some of my girly friends last night. Didn't end up eating until 10pm so we were all a bit too full to party. But here's me before I went out. I'm only sharing this as it's not a bad photo of me for a change and I think it's great for people to see the face behind the business every now and again!

It's been great to try out some new things and really got me biten by the crafty bug again, here's to another fab week before the bank holiday weekend yey!


  1. I love your bottle vases and what an excuse for a drink, huh? "Well, I've got all these orders, and I need the bottles..."

  2. The design on the bottle against the twine works really well, and your little heart shaped box is so cute. I like the idea of the button on the air freshener to make it refillable.

  3. The storage box is really pretty, it has a nice vintage look. I think you're right, ripping is better than cutting, I'll try to remember this :)

  4. Teehee Wendy! I've also got my friends saving their bottles for me as well just in case!

    I have been busy Helen, but I've loved it. Got some of the passion back that I've lost for a few months ;)

    I can't take credit for the refillable air freshener sadly. Someone asked me if I could make it for them. The button idea was mine though :)

    Ripping is not only a lot quicker but it really does give it a rougher feel which I think makes it look a lot better and a lot more vintage.

  5. These are lovely makes and it seems as if you have got it right looking at your orders! I like the little heart box especially and I think that the car fresheners are a really good idea - especially as they are reusable. Hope you have another great week.

  6. I love the bottle vase,and the little box is gorgeous.It reminds me I have a drawer full of them wasting away so you've inspired me to do something with them!

  7. Some wonderful makes! The bottle vase is great :)

  8. Oh, so nice to see your smiling face!
    Love the bottle vase. I like to make things out of old glass things, I haven't done any for awhile, but it's time. That's a good idea I've never tried. Yours turned out beautiful.

    The air fresheners are a good idea too. Might be good here in FL as we do have bug and humidity etc problems.