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Monday, 7 May 2012

Short and sweet

Well, it's a short and sweet blog this week because in between dieting, exercising, job hunting and gardening there hasn't been much time for anything else!

I missed my Handmade Monday blog last week and haven't managed to sort out the cream felt dinosaur yet as I was waiting for sizing but hopefully should be able to show that to you soon.

So here's a pictorial blog for you so you can see what I've been up to recently, enjoy!

After my local hairdressers offered to display some of my hair accessories (for free too!), here's one of the stylists with one that she bought before it even went on display. Lisa, the nail lady, has also ordered one for herself as I only made one to try it out. Sold x4 headbands in a week and x2 bobble set bags in 4 hours so doing rather well me thinkies!

Have found a bit of time to experiment with my ribbons, so here's a circular bow. Photo doesn't really show it off but it's very full and looks fab on a headband or big clip.

And had a go at a jubilee themed pin wheel too, be a lovely colourful brooch.

Waiting on a plain black fascinator to put these little (and big) beauties on! We're having our housewarming party over the jubilee weekend so thought this would go nicely and also gauge people's interest in fascinators at the same time!

This dinky felt flower is on a 30mm crocodile clip and I gave it to my 18 month old goddaughter to see if it'd be suitable on her fine hair. Not only is it adorable, it stays in and she doesn't even notice it!

This is what kept me entertained for most of Sunday. The castle's own little veggie patch! Runner beans planted around a wooden cane structure to encourage them to grow up nicely. And wigwam to do the same for the sweet peas. Planted peas, radishes and lambs lettuce seeds too The crazy twine and the tin foil are (I'm assured) going to stop cats and birds attacking everything. To be honest it just looks a bit mental, but if it works I'm not bothered. I've also got 3 varieties of tomatoes in a grow bag and some beetroot seeds growing in 2 big pots!

And finally, here's a photo I took in our garden on Saturday morning while I was watering everything, snazzed up a bit with Instagram. Seems we have a bit of a ladybird haven as we spotted 12 in the space of 5 mins in the small front garden on Sunday as well.

Hope everyone's had a lovely bank holiday



  1. Well done on your sales makes all the difference to the creative mode.

  2. Lovely pics and well done on gaining the sales as well as the display x

  3. Well done on the sales, it's always nice to know people like what you make enough to part with their money! I love the picture of the ladybird on the rock too!