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Monday, 28 May 2012


It's been a mental few weeks which is why the blog has suffered of late, but I'm back with something for Handmade Monday

Where to begin...

Well, I was made a godmother at the weekend. My beautiful god daughter Elodie was an angel throughout the service except when she tried do a runner towards the end and her dad stopped her and she cried.
Talking of crying...I burst into tears after saying "Afternoon everyone" when Elodie looked at me and smiled. Had to be cuddled with the parents before I could restart but other than that speech went well :S
The weather was perfect, I had my hair and make up done for me and everyone said how nice I looked which was fab.
So here's a picture of me and the little lady.

And here's a photo of me and King Neil which I'm having blown up and framed as I love it!

So what else..what else!
Had a few orders for Jubilee themed hair accessories, the felt flower clips have gone down very well at fairs and in the hairdressers.

Talking of the hairdressers, to entice children in to have their hair cut Karen is now offering one of my cute bobble / clip bags as a freebie with every children's cut and finish. It covers her costs, I still receive the normal price of the bags and it encourages mums to bring their kids so good news all round hopefully!

I made a beautiful elasticated cream headband for a little girls christening and she looked fab in it on the day.

My veg patch is growing great guns now I'm really impressed with it and all of the flower seeds I planted a few weeks ago.
Radishes have grown loads since this photo but coming along nicely with the runner beans, peas and lambs lettuce.

My mind's gone a bit blank and I need to scoot off for my Coap mentor training.
For anyone who hasn't heard of it, COAP is to support Children Of Addicted Parents and People via an online forum, free counselling and awareness.
After being affected by this as a child, teenager and adult it's something very close to my heart.
If you want to take a look at the website it's

After a crazy few weeks, I shall be getting back to making this week so keep your eyes peeled for more goodies coming soon :)



  1. The piscture of you and your goddaughter is just gorgeous! Love the hair accessories. The coap training sounds really worthwhile x

  2. Aww thanks Wendy :)

    It really is, and is something I can do in between everything else :)

  3. The photos are lovely - it's been a week for good photos. I love the cream headband too, it looks so stylish and understated.

  4. The freebie at the hairdressers is a brilliant idea! My daughter is an absolute nightmare at the hairdressers- we always have to bribe her with a trip to the toyshop around the corner from the salon before the hairdresser can get the scissors anywhere near!

  5. You are certainly keeping yourself busy Tash....remember you need 'you time' too xx

  6. Thanks Tickledpinkcrafts, the brief was something cream and something simple so think I managed that quite nicely and she looked adorable in it from what I've seen.

    Funny isn't it how some children hate the hairdressers, I loved going as it made me feel grown up.

    Oh don't worry Sarah, I've had a lovely day off from everything today it's been well deserved :)

  7. You and your god-daughter look lovely - such a nice day for everyone. good luck with the COAP training - a very cause. Hope you have a good week.

  8. It never bothered my kids going to the hairdressers, i guess i was lucky! Photos look great and glad the jubilee headbands are a good seller for you

  9. Lovely things. You have had a busy week but sounds fun :)