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Sunday, 22 April 2012


Another Handmade Monday blog and what an amazing week it's been

First and foremost...Greenways Cententary Craft Fair

Despite a few showers it was well attended, some of the organisers and volunteers were directing families with little girls to my stall, the headbands went down a storm and I made more than all of my previous craft fairs put together in 5 hours!

This was me all raring to go in the morning showing off the lovely plain white headband with white felt flower and pink button middle

And here's my stall

Which was lovely and bright so all the little girls came over to it.

Just thought I'd share some of the comments from the day:

1. Mum to child "do you want a headband?" Child "No not really I've got loads" Mum"But these are lovely have some bobbles then instead" Child "Ok then"

2. Girl about 12 to her friend "I'll buy these cute bobbles for my sister because they look like minnie mouse ones and I'll buy this heart fridge magnet for my nan because it looks handmade but not rubbish"

3. Mum looking at felt flowers with blue buttons on the middle "Just not sure about the buttons in case she can pull it off" Me: "Have a go at pulling it off yourself" Which the woman did and couldn't do "Oh well that settles it, you've welded that on"

Hairdressers display

If you read my blog last week you'll have seen that I was really excited that my local hairdressers asked me if I wanted to display some of my headbands in the salon.
She contacted me on Tuesday to say she'd already had interest from some of her clients and as she was having a 20 year anniversary event at the salon could I take some round this Saturday.
I was a panicked at first as my original plan was to take all the headbands I had to the fair with me, so had to split them out.
Karen the salon owner loved them when I dropped them off on Saturday morning and when I asked about sales and things she said she'd just put the money in a little tin for me. She isn't charging me anything to display the headbands there at all! But will be offering her some of the money I make as a thankyou as without her generosity  I wouldn't have the extra sales.
This is one of the display stands that went to the hairdressers and totally forgot to photograph the other one oops! Think in total nearly 20 headbands went over so fingers crossed!

And finally...the Craft Room!

Four weeks after moving in I've finally been able to sort my craft room. Had a nosey on pre-loved on Friday and saw this table for sale for £15 and it's perfect for what I needed. So picked it up tonight and quickly put everything nicely in it!

Using the slide out surface for my glue gun to live.

Still a bit of work to do but at least it's functional!

Got more ribbon on order so shall be spending many an hour in there with my iphone's radio on me thinks!

That's it for this week folks as it's been mental, it's 10pm and I need to iron King Neil's uniform for work tomorrow and up early in the morning on my day off. Asda delivery slot 10 - 12 and got a friend and her daughter over for lunch and then up into the craft room to finish off the headbands I made at the craft fair and make a start on a felt wedding dinosaur...



  1. Great news about the headbands! Your stall looked lovely. Have a nice day off tomorrow! Mich x

  2. It's great to hear your headbands have gone down so well :) I can't wait to see what your felt wedding dinosaur looks like :) Have a fab week xx

  3. Well done on the craft fair and the hairdressers it makes you feel good when you sell semething and get good comments from the buyers.

  4. Your stall looked lovely - and I love that you reported customer comments too! Good luck with the shop too x

  5. Pretty pretty headbands - not surprised they did well.
    Very exciting to have your stock in a shop too - well done.

  6. It is so good to hear of a successful fair and I am so pleased you did well - mind you, not hard to see why as your headbands are lovely. Well done with the display at the hairdresser's too. What a fantastic week you have had.

  7. Your stall looks lovely, so pretty and the headband display is very clever. I will have to look at doing something like that for the needle-felted ones I have made as they usually end up dumped in a pile on the edge of the table!

  8. Fingers crossed for you, I hope you get lots of headband sales. Your comments from the stall made me laugh, kids say the funniest things!

  9. I like your headband display!

    Do you think your workroom will remain this tidy? Lol!

  10. Thanks again for your lovely comments peeps :)

    Mich - 3 hours this morning was spent waiting in for the asda man so felt like a bit of a wasted day but hey ho!

    Nicola - It sounds a bit more glamorous than it actually is but it's what I've been asked for lol

    Caroline - Positive comments just reinforce I'm doing the right things :)

    Thanks Wendy, Adaliza, Christmas Pie Crafts, Mrs Pink and Butterflyblossom

    Fiddly fingers - Not on your nellie will it stay tidy lol!

  11. Well done on your fair, it's great when it is a successful day. Love the kiddies comments :)

    Jan x

  12. Your stall looks so pretty. Love the comment 'It looks handmade but not rubbish!'

  13. Everything looked so bright and beautiful I'm not surprised the girls were heading there. I love that you have some in shops, I think people will see them and love them. I really like for handmade stuff to do well, there is so much junk out there for sale that is just stamped out in factories. Good for you! :)