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Sunday, 1 April 2012

It's been an interesting week...

Well, back for another Handmade Monday blog (don't forget to go and visit everyone else's fab blogs here) and it's been an interesting week.

As you know, I work full time as well as running my business and I found out a few weeks ago that due to a restructure my job won't exist in it's current location so redundancy is my only option. At first I was upset and rather panicked but now I'm seeing it more as an opportunity than a complete disaster. Currently in "consultation" so won't get my notice in June at which point I can start looking for jobs. I'm not one of these people who waits for things to happen to them, so I've been doing my own research and taking every support mechanism I've been offered so far so hopefully when it comes to it, I'll be this calm and organised!

On a more positive note, while I'm waiting to set up my craft room I've been busy looking at felt and ribbon techniques to improve my hair accessories range. This has resulted in me ordering a glue gun and lots of funky ribbon. I also sorted my buttons out last week into a cute organiser which sadly made me rather excited!

After burning my finger in the first 10 minutes of owning my glue gun, here's the first thing I made with it... a very pretty ribbon hair bow!

So then I made a nice white one and made a handwrapped black headband and added the two together...

Rather impressed with myself and it's such a classic look as well the monochrome!

And then I decided to have a go at a cute felt rose seeing as I had my glue gun finally!

I need some practice on the positioning but not bad for a first effort and made a little back for it so ribbon can be threaded through it and attached to a headband, or even on a present.

So very much had a handmaking weekend and can't wait to get cracking again as I have a big craft fair on the 21st April!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, we had our best friends godchildren over for lunch today which was fab!



  1. I had to laugh when you said about getting excited about organising your buttons, I did the exact same thing a couple of weeks ago, and I too got excited, us crafter's are a rare bunch!!
    I love hair band's and bows, I can't wait to see more!

  2. Sorry about your redundancy, but good that you can look at it in a positive way. Pretty headbands, need to get me a glue gun!

  3. Lovely hairbands! Very effective.

  4. Nine, I'm just glad it isn't me that get's over excited over crafty stuff!

    I love my glue gun, not burnt myself since fingers crossed!

    I think I've just found another use for the backs on the felt flowers as well, if I make the slits in the back smaller they can be slid onto the headbands so they could be changeable :)

  5. I love all the bows and the rose.I hate using hot glue guns,you're braver than me!

  6. Sorry about your redundancy but these doors clue in our lives for anther to open and am sure you will find your open door waiting. Know what you mean about the glue gun I am dreadful in fact think I should be banned from using.

  7. The bows are so pretty. I'm about to get the glue gun out for a project - dreading it now!

  8. I'm having trouble commenting for some reason today, but here goes again.
    I don't think I could live without a hot glue gun, and I'm glad you are learning to use it so quickly. They are invaluable. Also, I'm sorry about your job, but I almost always find that when a door closes a window opens to something better. Sounds trite but so far, it's mostly been true. Good luck! :) Oh and the hair dodads are so cute, wish I had little girls.

  9. Interestingly...I couldn't comment on my own blog all day either!

    Don't dread it Mrs Pink - you only burn yourself with it once!

    I hope so, going to be working my butt off to get a new job come June I tell ya!

  10. I love the excitement of working on something new, I also used to burn myself lots on my glue gun but it doesn't happen so often now :)
    Good luck with the job hunting.

    Jan x

  11. I think a hot glue gun is a must for most if not all crafters :)& your bows look fantastic.

    Good to hear your staying upbeat about the impending redundancy and getting yourself sorted out with support etc.


  12. The bow headbands are lovely. I tend to too burn my fingers when I use it! Sorry to hear about your redundancy and hope that something good comes along for you.Mich x