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Monday, 9 April 2012

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Only seems like 5 minutes since I was last writing a blog for Handmade Monday, comes around so quickly and it's April already!

If like me, you got a four day weekend I hope you are enjoying it!

I've been busy busy this weekend!

This is the fruit of Good Friday and Saturday's labour.

Felt flowers on hair slides and stretchy headbands as well as some to be used as interchangeable ones on headbands and lots and lots of satin bows. I've got a big craft fair on the 21st so made these in readiness for that. Just need to get cracking with some more green felt flowers and wait for the green ribbon to arrive. The school's colours are green so thought it'd be a good idea to provide lots of things in their colours :)

As well as the lovely making on Saturday I also got round to having my hair cut (which it desperately needed). Feels all...lighter now

Yesterday we went to a local Chinese all you can eat buffet place with our best friends and godchildren which was lovely...messy but lovely. Then went to the cinema to see The Pirates which was Sophia's first ever visit to the cinema. Considering she's only 3 she did really well, apart from spilling a whole tub of ice cream down her...twice!

Today we need to go and get some food supplies and get some kinf of suitable exercising attire as I start boxercise tomorrow eeeek!

So what about the last week....

1. Website
I decided to have a go at improving my website as I felt it had gone a bit...stale.
So I've changed the design template, updated the photo banner so it's the same as my facebook page cover photo, added terms and conditions to the "about the castle page", changed all the photo links on "castle products" so they're all uniform, created a new hair accessories section for all the handwrapped headbands, felt flowers etc.
I know I need to get more uniform photos (backgrounds etc) but as you can see I have so many photos that I know it's going to be a huuuuuuge task; one which will have to wait a while.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I'm no techno whizz!

2. Interchangeable felt flower headbands

I was really excited about these and couldn't wait to share them. Not only a new flower technique but also made the flowers so they can slide on and off the headbands. I love things that can change to tailor your mood or outfit and these are perfect. These are available for £6 for x1 headband and x3 felt flowers or £10 for x2 headbands and x3 felt flowers.

3. YouTube

After setting it up in October, I've finally got round to making a youtube video for my channel.

The first video was a bit of a test so I improved it with the second one, let me know what you think

That's all from me folks, hope you've had a lovely Easter whatever you got up to :) xxx


  1. Jeeberella you have certainly been busy! Had a smile at the ice cream spill lol Had a look at your website and it looks good. I also have a weebly site and they way you have set yours up is really good. Have a good week. Mich x

  2. Love the idea of the flower that slides off the headbands - and making in green to match the uniforms is a good idea too. Good luck with the fair x

  3. Oh Mich, it was twice in 2 minutes bless her. Although funniest moment in the cinema was when it was deadly quiet and proud as punch she said "I've just trumped on the seat!"

    Thanks Wendy just impatiently waiting for the green ribbon to arrive now so I can get cracking. Need to figure out if I can make the green satin bows so they can slide on and off too :)

  4. What a great idea the interchangeable headbands are - lots of possibilities for colours and embellishments. Sounds like you have had a very hectic week - hope this week is a good one too.

  5. You have been busy and the website looks good, in the throws of upgrading mine but waiting to hear from the software people as it is having none of it! Love chinese now my mouth is watering.

  6. Love the interchangeable headbands - fabulous idea. And making things in school colours, I must bear that in mind for any school fairs I do.

  7. Great idea about the School colours....what genuis!! ;) Keeping fingers crossed for your fair...I'm sure all your hard work will be well rewarded!!
    S xx

  8. I can't take any credit for it can I Sarah lol