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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Newslettery goodness!

Well this shall be my last blog from the current castle as we move to a bigger better castle on Saturday. Not internet or TV for 5 days not sure how I'll manage!

So this shall also be my last blog submission from the current castle too!

Here's a little list of stuff I wanted to update you on:

1. Newsletter

As the castle has been rather closed for orders while preparing for the move, doing a bit of a relaunch in April and in preparation for that I've set up a newsletter mailing list via mail chimp. Castle Newsletter sign up here!
I will be doing special newsletter subscriber offers so worth a nosey!

2. Products

Even though I've said I won't be investing in any new products I have got 1 definite product to show you in April with 1 other potential one and some fab new hair accessories too so keep an eye out for those!

3. Contact

My internet gets shut off on the 16th March and doesn't come back on until the 20th March so won't be able to respond to any emails or queries during this time.

4. Facebook

Since having the new timeline it really has concerned me that the interaction has dropped off significantly. It's either a massive coincidence or people are still getting used to it. Thoughts around this would be fab, if there's something differently I need to do then I'll do it :)

My brain is failing me now as it's late and I'm a woman on a mission tomorrow to finish off wedding invitations for my lovely friend as well as sourcing some smaller boxes for castle packing!

Hope everyone's had a fab weekend :)



  1. Good luck with your move and hope it all goes well for you, look forward to your return

  2. Sounds like a busy time. Hope the move goes really smoothly x

  3. Hope it all runs to plan for you.

  4. Thanks ladies :) I'm lucky in that I've made all the plans so fingers crossed everything works out OK otherwise King Neil will have unlimited gloating rights!

  5. Good luck with the move!
    Hugs Sue x

  6. I know what you mean about Facebook. Am still trying to work it out

  7. I'm hoping that once everyone gets used to it, it'll pick back up again but everything is just so difficult to read isn't it?
    Just concerned as a lot of my business comes from facebook...