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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Handmade Monday - Quickie

Well, it's a short but sweet Handmade Monday Blog this week as with moving a week ago, haven't had much time to get crafting!

I did however manage to have a sneaky go at wrapping headbands in grosgrain ribbon for the first time!

Come out really well but I do need to buy a glue gun to finish them off properly!

A customer was going to buy some lovely felt accessorised headbands until she discovered her little girl was allergic to it, so also had a go at making my first ribbon bow too. Now this is only a practice, decided they need to be a bit less wide and use bigger buttons for the middle.

I'm now waiting to arrange collection of a sewing machine table so I can get my craft room decked out, can't wait!

Hope everyone managed to get out in the sun this weekend. We had a stressful but exciting Saturday - spent 5 hours in a travel agents but we finally booked a fab holiday with our best friends and godchildren.

Speaking of godchildren...since they moved 15 minutes away (instead of an hour away) a few weeks ago our relationship with them has improved already! Sophia (who is 3) asked mummy and daddy if "aunty tasha and uncle davo could come over" on Friday and within 30 minutes we were there! Had a few heart melting moments this weekend:
1. Sophia, when quickly visiting the new house, asking if she could stay over sometime.
2. Elodie (who is 1 but particular about who she goes to) putting her arms out for me to pick her up and have a big cuddle.
3. Sophia insisting that the Monkey I gave her was called "Monkey Aunty Tasha"
4. Sophia asking mummy and daddy if they could come and visit us today!

Much love as always xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Castle has moved!

Well, after planning on moving since July last year, we've finally done it! It's been a crazy 4 days but we are officially in the new castle :D

Thought I'd blog about some observations, thoughts and the view from the side window at the top of the stairs!

We're never living in a 3rd floor flat without a lift EVER again! Moving was so much harder having to lug everything down 3 flights of stairs.

Without help from best friends and my cousin we literally could not have done it.

We have a garden which means not only can we have garden parties and bbq's but also play our version of football (which is just kicking the ball to each other at opposite ends of the garden). We've been looking at chiminea's tonight too teehee!

Food shopping is now much easier without the 3 flights of stairs and we can go back to having it delivered again yey!

I now have my very own craft room, it might only be small but it's mine all mine and I can't wait to get it all set up.

Our estate is so....quiet! It's brilliant, in the mornings apart from the odd car or person the only thing you can hear are the birds tweeting. So when we nipped into homebase today I bought some suet fat balls for the bird feeder. We both had a chuckle reading the instructions and blurb "Typically attracts Great Tits".

And on that note...a lovely hot bath awaits ready for an early night and a loooong lie in tomorrow before back to work on Thursday!


Sunday, 11 March 2012

Newslettery goodness!

Well this shall be my last blog from the current castle as we move to a bigger better castle on Saturday. Not internet or TV for 5 days not sure how I'll manage!

So this shall also be my last blog submission from the current castle too!

Here's a little list of stuff I wanted to update you on:

1. Newsletter

As the castle has been rather closed for orders while preparing for the move, doing a bit of a relaunch in April and in preparation for that I've set up a newsletter mailing list via mail chimp. Castle Newsletter sign up here!
I will be doing special newsletter subscriber offers so worth a nosey!

2. Products

Even though I've said I won't be investing in any new products I have got 1 definite product to show you in April with 1 other potential one and some fab new hair accessories too so keep an eye out for those!

3. Contact

My internet gets shut off on the 16th March and doesn't come back on until the 20th March so won't be able to respond to any emails or queries during this time.

4. Facebook

Since having the new timeline it really has concerned me that the interaction has dropped off significantly. It's either a massive coincidence or people are still getting used to it. Thoughts around this would be fab, if there's something differently I need to do then I'll do it :)

My brain is failing me now as it's late and I'm a woman on a mission tomorrow to finish off wedding invitations for my lovely friend as well as sourcing some smaller boxes for castle packing!

Hope everyone's had a fab weekend :)