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Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Evening all,

Apologies I've been rather quiet of late but...been pre-occupied sorting out moving house!

We've been looking into moving since last July but then King Neil got himself another job closer to home so we've been putting it off. However, I'd been checking online every few days for a few weeks when I found the house that we're now moving in to. Viewed it 3 days later, got the application forms and put them in the next working day.

I can't show you unfortunately as it's now been taken down from the website but we're going from a small 2 bedroomed flat to a 3 bedroomed semi detached house with a nice back garden, drive, gorgeous bathroom and kitchen. So I can't wait to move somewhere with loads more space. We've already agreed I can have the decent sized box room for all of my crafty stuffs, just need a desk to put my lovely sewing machine on :)

Due to the stress of having to move I am going to have to close the castle for orders from 25th February to the 25th March unfortunately for a few reasons:
1. I won't be able to concentrate on anything and don't want to let customers down with either lack of creativity or leave them having to wait for things
2. We don't have a huge amount of space to store packed boxes so I'm going to have to pack up and stack away all of my crafty stuff in the spare room to make way for more boxes.

I'll still be keeping my facebook and twitter active just so you don't forget about me apart from 16th - 20th March as we'll have no internet!!! No internet and no sky TV, not sure how we're going to cope lol!

So, just a bit of a bigger explanation as to why I can't take orders for the next month.

Much love as always xxx


  1. Your own room!!! Lucky thing!! Will be great to be settled in and space to yourself! Good luck with the move!x

  2. Teehee oh yeah. I've been told I can have the room but my craft stuff is not under any circumstances to make its way to the living room lol!