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Monday, 27 February 2012

Lovely words from a vicar

Now, as some of you may know, I'm not religious in fact, I'm an atheist. It's never been a problem for anyone as I respect other people's views just as they respect mine. I don't have heated debates on the subject and being honest on a day to day basis I don't really think about it.

You may also know that I dote on King Neil's best friends children. Sophia is almost 3 and Elodie is 1. When Sophia was christened I'd been with Neil for 12 months and watched proudly on as he became her godfather. Over the years I've always made time to see both the children and their parents which has paid off dividends. Sophia now refers to me as Aunty Tasha and Neil as Uncle Davo (she sometimes calls me Aunty Davo as well before giggling to herself!) and we love spending time with them as much as they do with us. Can't wait for them to move 15 minutes away instead of an hour away next weekend!

So when the subject of Elodie's christening came up I was chuffed beyond words when I was asked if I'd be Elodie's godmother. Naturally I jumped at the chance. With the date and location set for May we thought there was going to be a disaster as the Church said all godparents had to be baptised and with having atheist parents as well, I never was.

However, after mum spoke to the Vicar directly, this is what she had to say:

I must admit to being rather liberal when it comes to form filling! Only I get to see the form, and I don't have to record whether Natasha is baptised or not! 
As far as I'm concerned the most important thing is love. And the bible tells us that where there is love, there is God, whether we choose to accept that or not.
If Tasha is willing to stand up and say her bit in church, because she loves Elodie, I trust God to do the rest.

I actually choked up when I read it and even Neil said what a brilliant attitude and response and I couldn't agree more. I love Elodie to pieces and it really was refreshing to have an important member of the Church recognise that being a godparent isn't always about believing in God.

Just thought I'd share that with you as it really did bring me to tears.

And on that bombshell I shall retire to bed!


  1. So glad that was all sorted. And I love it when they have a great attitude.

  2. Sounds daft but it really did move me!