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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Plans for 2012

So we're 4 days into 2012 and seems I've pulled some muscle fibres in my back that I didn't know about over a month ago and now it's a lot of muscle fibres and everything is rather painful! But onwards and upwards, it won't last forever so thought I'd use this opportunity to tell you about my plans for 2012...

New products
As you may have seen, I've started working with felt a lot recently. Started with brooches and recently designed some felt wall / door hangings too. The next in the felt range is going to be A4 sized felt cushions. I've got a lion design and a giant initial design coming up soon. But I'm also looking at felt cushions shaped like certain things too e.g. a ladybird. Hoping to have those sorted for the end of January so keep an eye out for them.
I'm also going to be having some lessons on how to use my sewing machine in the next few weeks so will be looking at different things I can make once I have the know how!

Craft Fairs
I am very aware that last year I was adamant I wasn't doing any more craft fairs, however with the inclusion of new products that I could make in advance and sell there and then, I've paid £10 to have a premium listing on so people can find me as a stallholder on there. Going to have to be selective about which events I attend but think events where children are involved will be my best bet. Just need to figure out how to find out about local events at schools...

I don't have a budget for marketing as I work full time and am in the process of saving for some important stuffs however...I've purchased a kodak printer which is much more economical on ink so I can start to design, print and distribute my own flyers! I've got a few different designs in mind but need to spend some time to put them together! Any other hints and tips on cheap or even free marketing are always appreciated!

Other castle news
I'll be honest, I haven't thought past the next 3 months as I'm never sure what direction I'll go in considering nearly 12 months ago I set up the business selling cards!
However, I will be finding and publishing a list of events over the next 12 months that people may want products for. Not just the main stream ones but religious events, events in other parts of the UK such as Burns night

Sarah and I have a few plans for Crafty-Bitz in 2012, probably the biggest thing is for themed showcases. So not online craft fairs but showcases of your products based on a theme. The first one will be a Valentine's Day theme but we need to work the details out in the next week or so and then we'll let everyone know how they can take part.

For those who know about Creative Connections CRAFTfest, in November I was a team leader co-ordinator, for the March CRAFTfest however, I have a bit of a different role for a few reasons.
1. Signing up and submitting all the info you need to sell is much easier as it's being done from a single website
2. As it's much easier there isn't a need for 5 team leaders

So my role this time will be to co-ordinate between Creative Connections, Crafty-Bitz and the contacts we have made with The Craft Network and Handmade For You UK. Not exactly sure what that involves yet but still, something new and exciting!

I think that't pretty much all I can tell you about right now but as always, will let you know as soon as anything else pops up!

Happy New Year everyone and hope you can make 2012 into everything you want it to be!

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