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Sunday, 11 December 2011

How to...make tic tac decopatched maracas

In preparation for handmade monday

My god-daughter loves anything that makes noise. When we were at the pub a few months ago she was getting a bit restless and all I could find was a giant pack of tic tacs which kept her entertained all afternoon! With her birthday coming up in a few months I decided to make an extra special present and here's how I did it!

What do you need:

  • x2 small boxes of tic tacs or one big tic tac box per maraca
  • tape
  • white sticky labels
  • decopatch paper / scraps 
  • decopatch glue
  • decopatch brush
How you make them:
  • Tape two small boxes of tic tacs together, if using the smaller ones. (I also emptied one a bit more than the other so sound was slightly different)
  • Cover box / boxes in white sticky labels so that you can easily glue the paper on the surface and you the tic tac box cover doesn't show through the lighter papers
  • I ripped up scraps of decopatch paper that was very kindly donated to me for this project. But you could use just one kind of decopatch paper or cut it up so it's a bit neater
  • Apply the decopatch paper by putting a thin layer of glue on to the surface and picking up a peice of paper with the brush and a bit of glue. Smooth the piece over with the glue and repeat
  • You'll find you can only do so many sides before you run out of places to put your fingers. I did mine in 3 goes leaving each bit to dry overnight.
  • Once all sides are covered and dried...hey presto!

I bought my decopatch glue and brush from but you can find them both on ebay although don't pay anymore than £5-6 for the glue. You do get a big pot and it will last you a while depending on your project.

I've seen pictures of whole chairs being decopatched and all kinds of surfaces can be decopatched, I recently made these lovely glass votive holders for myself using the same method as above


  1. I've never tried decopatch but it looks really good, I especially like the little glass candle holders. x

  2. Love the little candle holders Tasha.....well done xx

  3. It's so easy to do Jam should defo give it a go. I'm really chuffed with the candle holders as the paper was pebbles and even though you can't tell they look fab. I do have enough paper to make some more if anyone's interested?

  4. Decopatch looks like a lot of fun and a treasured keepsake for your god-daughter

  5. The candle holders are lovely. Good idea for the 'maracas' Mich :)

  6. Really like the effect of the candle holders. Hugs Mrs A.

  7. The candle holders are very pretty. I do love decopatching!

  8. A great idea for the tic tac boxes and the candle holders look really pretty.

    Jan :o)

  9. They're great as well as the glue hardens so they won't come apart when they're inevitably thrown about, the tic tacs that is!

    I may offer those as for sale in the new year if I can source the candle holders a bit cheaper!

  10. Super idea for little people. love the candle holders.
    Jo x