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Monday, 19 December 2011

Handmade Monday

In the spirit of Handmade Monday over at 1st unique gifts blog here are some of my favourite castle products and why!


Berty the brooch is just £4 and his brothers and sisters come in a range of colour combinations. Key rings are on order as well so Berty the Brooch can be also be Berty the keyring! I only made Berty this week but am really chuffed with him :)

£2.50 each for personalised bookmarks. I had an order for 6 of these as christmas presents for a book club and think they look fab at little gifts for anyone any time of year!

£5 each for lovely collages. The one photographed was one of two for a customer whose eldest girl carried it round on her arm like a handbag bless her!

£11 for wedding bunting with photos of the happy couple. I initially made this after being inspired by discussing my friends wedding with her. Thought it could go on the cake table, over the entrance to the reception or on the top table. I hung it up in our hall to photograph and left it there for a few days. After which my other half begged me to talk it down as it was creeping him out every time he went to the loo - we're not engaged never mind married!

I did two of these giant gift tags for Tracey at WowThankYou after she asked me as a custom request. But think they're a brill idea for larger purchases. These went on bikes but could also go on cars and all sorts of bigger presents! £4 each :)

Wine bottle labels £2 each. Brilliant for any occasion, sold quite a few for Christmas presents including one secret santa. I like these are they can be used for anything, including wedding table numbers. The effect of these is lovely, although t'other half makes me spray them in the spare room with all the windows open as it's rather whiffy!

Originally made as presents for friends and then these I made for us, really looking forward to offering these decopatched candle holders in 2012. Not only are they fab to make but they'll be totally unique really :)
£10 for the 4.

£6 each for your own business advertising window sign on the go.
It's funny as when I've dropped things off to people locally they recognise my car now by the sign in the window! Brilliant way to advertise on the go and I'm really impressed with my two mini suction cups as it's not fallen down once!

That's just a few of my favourite products anyway :)


  1. A lovely range of gifts on offer. Really like those cn adle holders. Merry christmas to you. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. Thanks Mrs A, I love my little candle holders too, they look great with the candles lit as the light comes through perfectly as the papers so thin!

    Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas to you too xxx

  3. Great idea for the car suction advertising.

  4. Thanks Emma, mine's been up for a few months now and not fallen down once!

  5. I really like the wedding bunting. I don't see that in the US, but it seems like it would be really popular. I also love the votives, very pretty.

  6. Love the facebook advert - great idea

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas, look forward to reading your blog in the new year. xx

  7. Lovely ideas - Have a great Christmas!
    Jo x

  8. Thanks Susie, I'll look into posting to the US if you know of anyone getting married who would be interstedt?

    Thanks Pretty Shabby, shameless plug I know teehee

    Thanks Pickle Lily you too :)