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Friday, 16 December 2011

The Felt Family is just beginning

Not long to go until Christmas now...but I'm already thinking about 2012!

I've been wondering about what I could move into next for a bit now, so when I acquired my nan's sewing machine my mind started going wild!

Before getting my sewing machine, I've been busy starting my little felt family who will be new additions for 2012.

Currently the family only consists of Berty Brooch

and Ceri Circle

But I will be adding to the family as I go, but Lucy and Florence will soon be on their way and possibly Olive joining us too!

Do keep an eye out for them as they'd all love new homes and come in a wide variety of colours!

And if you'd like to see any additions to the Castle Felt Family please do let me know :)

Talking of my sewing machine, here is my little beauty

It was originally nana's who gave it to my aunty who has then passed it on to me! So proper family heirloom. My other half's mum has oiled it for me and polished it up all lovely for me and we start lessons next week on how to use it.

Once I've got my head round the basics and sewing round corners I'm going to introduce giant initial door / wall hangings which will come in a range of different fabrics and will be padded to make them all nice and squishy. They'll make perfect presents for everyone but especially new born babies!

If you can think of anything else rather simple you'd like me to look into, again let me know.

You can contact me in the normal ways:

Hope you're all ready for Christmas xxx

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