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Monday, 5 December 2011

Blogs like buses...

My blogs are like buses, you wait ages for one then two come along at once.

I've been quite excited over the last few days, as I've closed my Christmas order book I've focussed my attention on 2012 and what I can introduce next year. And at just the right time, my other half Neil said he'd prefer to get me a big present for Christmas instead of lots of little ones. So when I've sat down and thought about it I think the best thing that he could buy would be a sewing machine.

Now to most people this won't seem like a big deal, but I know NOTHING about sewing or sewing machines. I've already ordered a beginners guide to sewing machines from Amazon and done some research about the kind of things I could make. Won't ruin the surprise in case it all goes horribly wrong!

So, when it's come to look at sewing machines I've asked around for some help which has ended up confusing me even more. The lesson I've learnt today is only ask one person or one group of people for advice and not two. As while it's great when both say the same thing, it's not so great when they completely disagree with each other.

I know what I want to use it for (basic stuff really) and while I don't want a £20 kiddies one I also can't justify spending over £100 on one either. So I've decided to furnish Neil with the information I have and will ask him to make a decision seeing as he'll be buying it lol

I'm actually really excited as the plans I have are for really simple items in keeping with the castle's price range.

So watch this space peeps, as some things may be coming up before I get the sewing machine!


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about the sewing machine! Great idea for a gift! Mich :)

  2. I'm so nervous about getting one but yes brilliant idea...even if I do say so myself!

  3. The only advice I would give is don't buy an overly complicated one as you will just get totally confused by all the stitch patterns just stay simple and have fun enjoying sewing. Hugs Mrs A.

  4. Hmmm this seems to be the year for people getting new sewing machines. I got one, (a Singer if you care, and I had always had Kenmores). I like it, but frankly, I am such a novice it probably hardly matters. I'm glad to see so many of us starting to sew, it makes me feel better as I try to teach myself! :) Can't wait to see what you get. What I hate the most is when I have to rethread the bobbin or the needle! LOL

  5. Good luck with the new machine - and don't forget to enjoy it along the way!

  6. Shopping for sewing machines is difficult! I did try it but gave up and borrowed my mums in the end as I just didn't know what to look for! Good luck with your new one when you finally get it. x

  7. Good luck with your new ventures, both the sewing and with Sarah at Dragonfly-Jersey. I agree with Mrs A, simple is the way to go :o)

    Jan :)

  8. awesome! I'm really excited for you - a new toy to play with!! I'm sure you will have lots of fun. There are so many really good books now and basic stuff to sew.