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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

An interview with...Kid with camera

So, when I said I had no more interviews to schedule I was wrong lol!


My business name is simple, ‘Kid With Camera;' and it was set up by myself {Matt Greenwood} in Grimsby, England; as a way to express my passion & love for creating items for other people to enjoy. Although I am planning on University in the years to come, I am currently working as a Photography Technician at a Sixth Form College; which is allowing me to experiment with photographic practices and techniques. Although I specialise in Portrait & Still Life Photography, I have recently discovered my own drawing style within illustration; from which I want to create art for others to experience. I have a wide range of products  available throughout my shops, that is constantly being updated weekly.

My main drawing- style inspirations come directly from the many Masters of illustration such as John Tenniel, to the watercolour drawings of Beatrix Potter; and their influences are very apparent throughout my work. Whereas for my photographic work, I have been looking towards the work of both Tina Madotti as well as Imogen Cunningham. But inspiration does not just arrive from the work of others, but also from my own surroundings, and elements such as experiences, moods and also the weather. 

My business has only been live for one month, and I'm slowly getting my name and products out there for people to see and discover. 'Kid with Camera' was set up as a way to show my creativity and desire in creating art for others to enjoy. 2 months ago, I had progressed from finishing my A Levels to completing a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. And so over these past 3 years, I have been able to build upon ideas, inspirations and to refine my own styles with Fine Art, Photography and Illustration; and my own education has lead me to create 'Kid With Camera.' My store features a wide range of products from Photographic Prints, to Professionally printed Greeting Cards such as my recent Collection of Birthday cards- 'The Party- Hat Collection.' But one element of my store I take pride in is to focus on customer service, from which I feel is an important aspect for any store or service. 

You can browse, or even purchase any of my products through any of the links below; or please support 'Kid With Camera' by 'liking' on facebook, from which you can keep upto date with any news and new prodcuts! Also, 'Kid With Camera' has a store this year at CRAFTfest so please keep a look out for that! Thankyou for your time!

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