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Friday, 25 November 2011

The Handmade Debate

Ever since Folksy brought in their definition of handmade vs assembled I've been meaning to do a little blog about here it is!

The definition of handmade is "made my hand rather than by machine" which is why I've never claimed to be handmade. I design everything myself but I do use "machines" to make all of my items. Pretty much everything I make is designed and printed using my laptop and printer and of course I use the laminator for bookmarks and wall hangings etc.

You can't buy my items in a shop, everything is personalised to the customers requirements so really no two items are ever the same. So my USP has always been the personalisation rather than handmade

So I wonder...does it make any difference to people / customers? Seems as long as people like your items and they're buying them they don't seem to mind whether you're just an assembler or not!

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