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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas is coming...

Still can't believe that as I write this blog there are only 34 days until Christmas!!!

First things first:

The Spirit of Christmas Craft Fair closes at midnight tonight, please go and have a nosey as there's over 400 handmade goodies. Not only have I sold a few things, I've bought some things too!

Christmas Shopping

Whilst I have been mega organised and sorted majority of my Christmas shopping still seems to have crept up quite quickly.

Must say that this year Christmas shopping has been a bit of a different experience to the norm. I always get as much as possible online, I'm not one of these people who enjoys going to into town to do my shopping. There's too many people, I can never carry everything and parking costs a fortune.

However, due to the business, this year I've found myself buying handmade goodies from my fellow business pages which has been fantastic. Not only are they handmade but they're also unique.

I've ordered from Candlewick Crafts who not only has done me a standard item but is also creating me something brand new I asked for. And Angelic Folk who has created me something completely and utterly unique.

Won't say any more...just in case!

Had a bit of a traumatic day yesterday. The washing machine decided to break down with a load of washing in it! All plans went to pot, so I'm a bit behind now, got 30 lovely personalised gift tags to make today as well as getting the flat spick and span today. So just a quick update today, here's a festive photo for you all to enjoy :)

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