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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Winter is coming...

Evening all, haven't done a blog for a little bit so thought I'd do a random one with some updates for ya, in picture form :D

Doing some advertising for the santa letters at the minute as they're lovely so feel free to share the link to them on facebook. Personalised with child's name, age, best friend and home town for just £3 delivered and a choice of 3 posting dates

Preparation for CRAFTfest is going well going to be revving up the advertising once the stall page links are up

The website is coming along nicely

Now part of the Professional Crafters Guild quite excited as the owner of the guild is currently negotiating discounts from some of the big craft suppliers for all members!

Spent a bit of time the other day putting together poster to be used online to showcase products. So it's gone on the website and will also put it on my blog. Just gives a nice at a glance overview I think :)

Other than that, I've got a craft fair in 10 days! It's another vintage fair and is a local one too so I'm quite excited!

My final photo is of a local lake, Rudyard Lake to be precise in Autumn, fitting end to my blog considering the change in weather...


  1. Beautiful picture- reminds me of the colour our trees were before the 60mph winds hit them the other day! They're now all bare!'s thinking about winter now, isn't it?

  2. Lovely isn't it? I love Rudyard Lake as it's so pretty all year round!
    I can't believe that 2 weeks ago I was in my summer clothes, so I'm reaching for my scarf, hat and gloves!

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