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Saturday, 22 October 2011

An interview with...Tilly Mint Boutique

Well, here's another lovely interview for you all to read with Tilly Mint Boutique

Why did you chose your business name, when did you start the business, how you got started and what was your inspiration?My mum used to call me Tilly Mint when I was younger. It is a well known term of endearment in Liverpool, especially used for scousers! The name has been with me right the way through my childhood, so when trying to think of a name for my business it only seemed fair to carry it on! I am only just starting out though and have been mainly blogging about my creations. I do however have a stall booked for the Christmas CRAFTfest at the end of November so I am slowly building up items to sell. My inspiration has come from a John Lewis 'mini' sewing machine, given to me as a present by my husband. Without this I would certainly not be where I am now - a whole new world has opened up for me and I would be lost without it!

What it is you do, how do you do it and why do you do it?My aim is to sew and craft items from recycled materials. I try to create things from remnants of material left over from other projects. I also love to scour charity shops and car boot sales in search of things I can upcycle! I hope by doing this that my fabric stash will deminish whilst creating unique one off items.

How can people find you and how can people buy from you?
Twitter tillymintboutiq
Soon to be on Folksy as Tilly Mint Boutique

A weird and wonderful fact about yourself…My full time job is a community physio, treating patients who have had strokes in their own homes. A bit of a different world from sewing but equally as rewarding! I also have a gorgeous white long haired cat who keeps me very entertained as she is always causing some sort of trouble!

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  1. Yay!! Nice to see you being interviewed already :) xx