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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An interview with...Midnight Cards

It's time for another business interview so without further ado...

We are Midnight Cards & Gifts! :) We chose the name because we used to run a local music promotion business until the venue closed down. We thought it would be perfect to continue the chain! :)

We've been running since Juneish, we started just selling to friends and family and then expanded. My inspiration was my auntie, she got me into cardmaking and we've just flown from there!

We handmake cards and gifts, such as bags of love and magnets... we do it with love and care with attention paid to every single detail. We do it because we want to spread the passion and we believe a handcrafted item is much better than mass produced.

You can find us on facebook:

You can buy from us by emailing or using the facebook wall or the contact form on the page.

A weird wonderful fact about myself... I have 17 animals! (they are all kept away from my craft room, dont worry!)

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