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Sunday, 30 October 2011

An interview with...Handmade By Kasey

Evening all, here's the last of my interviews as I have no more in stock! So enjoy!

I chose Handmade by Kasey purely because every sparkle placed is by hand and by me!!

I started my business in July of this year to share the sparkles with everyone!

My inspiration was that I am drawn to anything sparkly. I just love sparkles, I think it adds an element of class to items.

I set up the page because although other people may like sparkles too they often don't have the patience to do it themselves. I add sparkles to everyday items to make them a little bit more special! Phone cases, laptop cases, glasses, mirrors, picture frames, SHOES!! The list is endless.

If anyone would like to take a peek at my items they can find me here;

A wierd but not so wonderful fact about me is that I have had perthes disease in my hips since I was 2 and at the ripe old age of 23 I've had my 2nd hip replacement :D 

Saturday, 22 October 2011

An interview with...Tilly Mint Boutique

Well, here's another lovely interview for you all to read with Tilly Mint Boutique

Why did you chose your business name, when did you start the business, how you got started and what was your inspiration?My mum used to call me Tilly Mint when I was younger. It is a well known term of endearment in Liverpool, especially used for scousers! The name has been with me right the way through my childhood, so when trying to think of a name for my business it only seemed fair to carry it on! I am only just starting out though and have been mainly blogging about my creations. I do however have a stall booked for the Christmas CRAFTfest at the end of November so I am slowly building up items to sell. My inspiration has come from a John Lewis 'mini' sewing machine, given to me as a present by my husband. Without this I would certainly not be where I am now - a whole new world has opened up for me and I would be lost without it!

What it is you do, how do you do it and why do you do it?My aim is to sew and craft items from recycled materials. I try to create things from remnants of material left over from other projects. I also love to scour charity shops and car boot sales in search of things I can upcycle! I hope by doing this that my fabric stash will deminish whilst creating unique one off items.

How can people find you and how can people buy from you?
Twitter tillymintboutiq
Soon to be on Folksy as Tilly Mint Boutique

A weird and wonderful fact about yourself…My full time job is a community physio, treating patients who have had strokes in their own homes. A bit of a different world from sewing but equally as rewarding! I also have a gorgeous white long haired cat who keeps me very entertained as she is always causing some sort of trouble!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Winter is coming...

Evening all, haven't done a blog for a little bit so thought I'd do a random one with some updates for ya, in picture form :D

Doing some advertising for the santa letters at the minute as they're lovely so feel free to share the link to them on facebook. Personalised with child's name, age, best friend and home town for just £3 delivered and a choice of 3 posting dates

Preparation for CRAFTfest is going well going to be revving up the advertising once the stall page links are up

The website is coming along nicely

Now part of the Professional Crafters Guild quite excited as the owner of the guild is currently negotiating discounts from some of the big craft suppliers for all members!

Spent a bit of time the other day putting together poster to be used online to showcase products. So it's gone on the website and will also put it on my blog. Just gives a nice at a glance overview I think :)

Other than that, I've got a craft fair in 10 days! It's another vintage fair and is a local one too so I'm quite excited!

My final photo is of a local lake, Rudyard Lake to be precise in Autumn, fitting end to my blog considering the change in weather...

Friday, 14 October 2011

An interview with...BerryLove Boutique

Well it's Friday and I'm going to be entertaining this weekend so thought I'd leave you with an interview to keep you occupied...

I chose my name BerryLoveBoutique after my second name lovenberry I wanted to make the name out of mine so it was special and meant something personal to me.

I started the business at the beginning of this year as I wanted to start being able to record my music ( I sing on the side) but was lacking money so I sat down and came up with a couple ideas. But it wasn’t until a couple of days later when I thought about making soap and toiletries as I also sell high end make up such as mac benefit ysl etc.
The soap benefits me more as I have eczema all over my hands and arms so with making my own I can benefit too as well as creating something exciting and funky for your bathroom.

My inspiration was soapyLove as they are amazing! They make soap that is so unique and fun so seeing their collection inspires me to provide you with a much cheaper rate.

So what do I make?
Sls free soaps shaped like ice lollys cookie's cupcake soaps, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, bath salt and fizzies fizzies.

You can find me all over the place:

ebay - berryloveboutiqueshop
etsy -  berryloveboutique
amazon - berryloveboutique - berryloveboutique
gumtree - berryloveboutique
facebook - berryloveboutique
or simply email me under

Hoping to have my own website up and running shortly too!

I’m very excited to be at the tea and scandal craft fair on the 23rd October at the Borough Arms in Newcastle.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

More lovely pink people!

So I've already given you a taster of some of my lovely pink ladies who are taking part in CRAFTfest and here are some more! Links to their facebook pages are in the titles of each business so go check them out and tell them I sent you!

Hi, I am Hayley and run my small cottage industry from Oxfordshire.  I have been busy creating appliqued shoppers, shoulder bags, bunting, aprons and so much more!  My favourite items and most popular are my gorgeous tissue holders all made from designer soft corduroy.  I love buttons, shabby chic fabrics and polka dot ribbons!  Posting blogs and virtual shops are all a bit new to me but I am very excited and really looking forward to being part of Novembers CraftFest!

I am an artist specialising in fusion art glass.
Working from my studio in the picturesque village of Cartmel  I take my inspiration from the hills and lakes in our beautiful county. 
All my pieces are original, decorative and practical works of art, designed to appeal to the senses. 
I am happy to take commissions to create a bespoke piece, both unique and individual in design. 

I make individually handcrafted rag dolls and have been making these for about 20 years. I love what I do as each doll is different. I personalise each one with an embroidered message on the underskirt so that each one is unique. I specialise in making bridesmaid, Christening and 1st Holy Communion dolls. I also make embroidered pictures and name banners.
Here’s my website

I started my artistic journey when I was a little girl, has always had interest in nature (which inspires me to new ideas). Creativity relaxes me, I love the feel of being closer to and becoming part of what I create. I hope not to lose that connection with my soul.  I want to create and I want to learn more. Jewellery always was a part of my heart. I have been making jewellery for a number of years for friends and family and now I am here to create it for you. The materials I use to make jewellery varies. I like stones, wood, crystal, and gemstones, love to walk near to the sea and find a beautiful stones witch have history and uniqueness. All the jewellery is made using the finest materials: gemstones (Agate, Cat’s eyes, turquoise , natural stones, Swarovski crystals, lava, and etc) crochet beads and sterling silver findings. Here you will find a beautiful, crochet handmade jewellery pieces, which I made in my home studio. I enjoy exploring colours combination, natural stones mix with line, it’s something different and original – just my own design. . I hope you will find something unique!

Hi, I'm Chrissy from Raven's Stained Glass, a small studio run from my home here in Oxfordshire and started in March 2011.  I create all kinds of beautiful and unusual items using stained glass, items such as suncatchers, 3D stained glass pieces and decorations for all occasions.  My pieces would make stunning gifts for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas or could even be a special treat for yourself at any time of the year.  I am also more than happy to create custom pieces to your specification, or my current range in the colours of your choice.  

You can read about me on my new blog and find my current range here at my  I am also launching a brand new website which will be going live at the end of October.  Please pop along to to have a look. 

Hi! My name is Melanie, I am "Sewn at Sanshoull" (est. since June 2011!) and I live on one of Shetland's smaller islands. Like a lot of folk my office is the kitchen table! I enjoy a variety of crafts but especially sewing. I am loving getting back into my crafts now that my boys are growing up and I am finding more time to give to it. As someone who can never have enough bags, then that's been my main starting point! I make a variety of styles and I am enjoying starting to experiment with my own ideas and designs. I am very much looking forward to my 1st CRAFTfest!

I live in Surrey where I source and make all my candles, wax melts and soaps.  I like experimenting with different scents and layering some of my wax melts for a totally different look.  I source most of my cups and saucers from charity shops and am always thinking what colour and scent would go best with what design is on the container.  I set up Pinkallsorts in April 2011 and can honestly say, have been enjoying every minute of it.  I am looking forward to taking part in CRAFTfest in November 2011 :-)

Hi,my name is Monica turner and I live in Kent. I'm a mum to 4 boys aged from 2-11 years.As I have spent a good few years sourcing baby clothes,liked the challenge of finding something a bit different!
Seeing the mass of baby booties on the market ,I loved the idea of bright funky shoes which would stand out from what was available in the shops.So I Dusted of my sewing machine and went about finding some great fabrics which include 100%cotton,Eco felt and super soft Ultrasuede and have been busy making shoes for friends and family. I now have a shop on folksy and both facebook and twitter. So for a unique gift for a baby surely its worth a look?

SlowLane Handmades

My Name is Silvia and I am a self represeting crafter with 20 years of experience. Having been  taught the basics of many  a craft from a very early age
 it instilled in me the love for all things creative. In my teens I trained as a Seamstress but Dress making was not where my heart lay,
 it did however give me a good grounding for my creations.
My Website, SlowLane Handmades, was established in 2011, prior to that I have been selling via Etsy.
I create an eclectic mix of gifts and accessories, many are One Of  A Kind.
I also sell some smaller Items, such as Key Rings and Buttons, through my Facebook Page.
The Name SlowLane came about due to my philosophy on life.....slowly does it! 
I live my life in the Slow Lane, regardless of my other great Love.....Motorbikes!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

An interview with...Midnight Cards

It's time for another business interview so without further ado...

We are Midnight Cards & Gifts! :) We chose the name because we used to run a local music promotion business until the venue closed down. We thought it would be perfect to continue the chain! :)

We've been running since Juneish, we started just selling to friends and family and then expanded. My inspiration was my auntie, she got me into cardmaking and we've just flown from there!

We handmake cards and gifts, such as bags of love and magnets... we do it with love and care with attention paid to every single detail. We do it because we want to spread the passion and we believe a handcrafted item is much better than mass produced.

You can find us on facebook:

You can buy from us by emailing or using the facebook wall or the contact form on the page.

A weird wonderful fact about myself... I have 17 animals! (they are all kept away from my craft room, dont worry!)

Monday, 10 October 2011

My lovely pink group CRAFTfest peeps

Morning all! As some of you may know, I'm taking part in Creative Connections CRAFTfest for the second time.

It's an online craft fair over 48 hours in November; in September there were over 140 stalls = hundreds of handmade and unique goodies!

This time each stallholder has been allocated a team leader to help them co-ordinate their advertising, for support and just a general chit chat! Really chuffed to have been asked to head up a group and of course I went with the pink group!

So here are some of the brilliant stallholders included in ym group...enjoy!

A scouser who loves to sew! My aim is to sew and craft items from recycled materials. I try to create things from remnants of material left over from other projects. I also love to scour charity shops and car boot sales in search of things I can upcycle! I hope by doing this that my fabric stash will deminish whilst creating unique one off items to sell.

My name is Emma (aka The Sparkly Fairy), maker of handcrafted cards and jewellery. I have been selling at local craft fairs for a couple of years now and to friends and family. I also have shops on MISI and Folksy.  I have a blog which I regularly post to as well as Flickr, Twitter and Pinterest. I love the vintage style and as the name suggests often try to add a bit of sparkle to! I live and breath craft! and look forward to participating in November's Craftfest.
Follow The Sparkly Fairy at

Uniquely Yours
I am Linda and my shop is Uniquely Yours.
I make Unique Accessories for Unique People. Everything I make is from my own designs as I don`t follow patterns, mainly because they look so complicated.
I buy yarn and ideas for what to make just flood in. I don`t see why practical items can`t be pretty too.
I have been crocheting and knitting since a child and love seeing my ideas transferred into something wearable. I get great satisfaction from seeing an idea from my head, grow in my hands.

Shoogly Beads is a Scottish husband and wife design and artist team based in the North East coast of Scotland. Mike who is the polymer clay artist and Pat who designs and makes the jewellery are mature, experienced designers. Our inspiration comes from areas as diverse as Persian carpets, sea molluscs and our lovely and dramatic sea, sky and landscape. In addition to hand crafted beads and jewellery we also sell our original art, prints, cards, postcards and other arts and crafts items. We are always happy to discuss commissions for beads and jewellery and other items.

I live in Cornwall in the countryside where I converted a bedroom in my home to my sewing room it is where I design and make Crafty Bags. I make an array of gorgeous bags from recycled material of which lots of it is unused. I make totes and handbags and shoulder bags in a variety of styles. I love to work in patchwork or felt I source these and other lovely materials at markets, charity shops or carboots.  I have a website www.craftybags and a Folksy Shop

Friday, 7 October 2011


Evening all!

Tis Friday evening, I've had a good day at work (someone bought me tea and a massive peice of cake for doing a good job quickly), I'm officially debt free after paying my loan off with my PPI claim settlement and the weekend has begun.

Only down side is I seem to have come down with the cold my other half caught off the godchildren last weekend!

Just wanted to let you all know that I've spent all week sorting out a new website. It's a free one through Weebly but it's going be a great way to keep everything updated.

Would really appreciated you having a look and seeing what you think...

Some of the products on the products tab don't have links to my wowthankyou shop yet as I've realised they're not advertised on there!

If there's anything you like / don't like / think is missing please let me know

Thanks and have a fab weekend :)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

An interview with...Dainty Bits

The interviews from other businesses keep on coming on so here’s another one for you to look at…just don’t speak Italian!

Why did you chose your business name, when did you start the business, how you got started and what was your inspiration?

Dainty Bits Jewellery started out as Dainty Jewellery, I chose this name because I felt it would reflect my jewellery range of dainty necklaces and rings! It was then my boyfriend who said to me ''call it dainty bits'' and the name stuck! I first got the idea to make and sell jewellery earlier this year. i was looking for a new hobby to keep me sane whilst finishing my uni dissertation! I started off by visiting my local bead shop (luckily just around the corner!) and seeing what beads, charms, chains, and findings they sold, the lovely owner of the shop gave me a beginners guide to making jewellery and a catalogue of all their products, and it went from there.

What it is you do, how do you do it and why do you do it?
I make and sell necklaces and rings, I am going to expand into bracelets soon too. I buy all of my materials and then sit down with them all and come up with ideas. I have a theme that runs throughout my current collection of bows, I have attached a bow to everything! It wasn't a conscious decision, but now I quite like it! I love making jewellery, I have always been a creative person, but I cannot draw to save my life! I am much better at making physical things, so jewellery fits the bill perfectly! I am still very much a beginner, so I'm excited to learn much more about jewellery making and improve my jewellery!

How can people find you and how can people buy from you?
You can buy my jewellery from:, I also have a blog over at:, and you can follow me on twitter @daintybits.

A weird and wonderful fact about yourself…
A weird fact would be that I always get mistaken for being Italian! I have no Italian blood in me at all, people come up to me in Italian restaurants speaking their language, and I'm like "sorry, i have no idea what you just said!".