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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A lovely interview all about Alzheimerama Crafts

Following on from my first few interviews I’ve had lots of interest from other businesses too so I’ve asked them a few simple questions.

The 3rd interview comes from a lovely lady called Alison who runs a non profit business in aid of Alzheimer’s, here’s her story…

Why did you chose your business name, when did you start the business, how you got started and what was your inspiration?

Alzheimerama Crafts came about as I have been making and giving away bracelets for years and I realised I could try selling them on facebook and maybe raise some money for charity at the same time. Alzheimerama is the strangest name I've come across but I wanted a name that said what my page was about without being too clinical and a wee bit fun and it's stuck :) When people ask the name of my page I always end up laughing trying to say it!
I chose alzheimer scotland as my charity because my mum has early onset dementia (eod) and we have had lots of support from Alzheimer Scotland in the 9 years since she was diagnosed. It seemed only right to try and give back in a small way and see if it worked. I don't make any money from my page, I run it as a non-profit business; a small amount each month buys supplies and the majority goes through my justgiving page.
I have some brilliant likers who send me their 'bead orphans' and that’s a huge help. One of the nicest things anyone did for me was to give me ten books of stamps! It was just so thoughtful and saved me a small fortune. Apart from fundraising the best thing about my page has been meeting such lovely people.

What it is you do, how do you do it and why do you do it?
I started off making elasticated bracelets and suncatchers but kept seeing things I wanted to try; recently I started beadweaving and I'm now hooked. I wanted to try something different in the summer and looked around for something I thought I could make that would appeal to people and Alzheimerama Angels came about. I have made over 100 since then and they can be personalised with their own mini adoption papers. I am slowly branching out and am fascinated with wire just now... I have the scars to prove it :)

How can people find you and how can people buy from you?
I sell through my facebook page!/Alzheimerama
You can email me at
Ihave a justgiving page at where i pay in money every month and you can see the total creeping up; it’s now at over £1900 which is just amazing!

A weird and wonderful fact about yourself…
My day jobs both involve music. I teach piano and flute most evenings but also work for the local church running music groups and whatever else comes up. Both my jobs are lots of fun (maybe not the funerals) but i work some odd hours and meet lovely people. Soon I'll be in a primary school helping with their Christmas 'show' and that's lots of fun, too. I don't suppose everyone can say they have as much fun at work as I do :) at home I have two boys, two guinea pigs, two dogs and one lonely rat. Plus one long-suffering husband lol it is anything but dull round here.

Hope you enjoyed reading that, I certainly did :)

If anyone does want to donate any left over beads to Alison, please do get in touch as it's for such a good cause!

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