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Saturday, 24 September 2011

An interview with...Junction Crafts

The response to the request for businsesses to interview has been great. So got some great businesses to share with you and 2nd on the list is Junction Crafts

I came up with the business name of the top of my head in amongst a few others but 'Junction Crafts' was the most popular name when it came to the opinion of those on the networking page send in the troops. The business started in my dining room at home :)

Junction Crafts sells handmade items, decorative items, and our most popular items are the wax burners and melts.

So where can you find Junctions crafts?
You can find us on facebook here
We don't have a website yet but we are looking in it
We are listed on HandMade For You under Soaps & Fragrance and also Gifts.

We have currently got 2 competitions running - one on What's Good To Do and one on creative crafting Creative Crafting

Thanks and we hope you pop over for a visit :)

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