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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Interview with Perfect Patchwork

I thought you might be interested in some other businesses so thought I'd do some interviews with a few's the first one from Perfect Patchwork. I asked Felicity to tell me where she got the name for the business from, what it is she does and a weird and wonderful fact about herself

My business name is Perfect Patchwork, and this name was chosen to try and demonstrate what I do. I create patchwork quilts and quilt related items. I have a large range of items both on my website and in my Folksy shop , here you will find a good selection of the range I create. 

I like to create both traditional designs and some original designs that I have come up with. My policy is that all of my quilts are one-off designs, I never repeat a quilt, hence anything you have from me is unique to you, (some of the designs may be repeated but in different colour ways). Some of my smaller items, like Christmas deocrations and pin cushions have been re-created, but never a quilt. I pride myself on both the quality of my work and my materials. I only use 100% cotton high quality fabrics and high quality waddings; my current favourite is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. I have experimented with 100% polyester (washes well, but is not as warm as the cotton), and 100% wool, which I love, but needs extra care for washing and is very expensive.

I go through phases of 'favourite' themes for designs and have recently been designing wall hangings with a fairy theme, and this is where my logo has come from; the logo was created from a photograph of a wall hanging which I made and sold (could have sold that one 5 times over, so created a slightly different one in a different colour way). I am currently working on personalised items, and have added personalised Christmas stockings, baby bibs, and taggies.

I have a yearn to create some Landscape quilts designed around the beautiful country side in which I live,  I just need the time to focus on them.
I feel that it is the uniqueness of my quilts that makes me special, and my focus on quality. I feel that every customer deserves that Perfect Quilt (or quilted item) , and I do everything in my power to create it for them; also my focus on customer service which I feel is so important.

A weird and wonderful fact about me is that I spend alot of time chasing rabbits around my home (indoors); these are wild rabbits brought in by my cat BB (origionally named Black Bess by previous owners). BB loves to bring in rabbits (through the cat flap), and mice sometimes; she doesn't kill them, just lets them run around so that she can play. You will often see me in the early hours of the morning going down to the field in my PJ's carrying a rabbit to replace it where it belongs, (and to stop my other cat killing it). This also applies to mice, which I have to say are much harder to catch. (last Sunday 6am in the pouring rain - not amused).

Hope you enjoyed that, you see more of Felicity's work go to her facebook page

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