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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The castle needs you...

Evening all

Been super busy the last few weeks with work, orders, new products, more work, more orders and more new products!

So thought I'd drop you a note to say a huge thank for being a fan of the castle, over 800 fans is very impressive and I really am grateful.

I also wanted to ask you all a few favours...I'm trying to get the castle out and about there as I'm sure the more people know about it the more successful it will be. I already use my facebook page, twitter account, my blog and my personal page to promote products but here's where I need you.

There's a few ways you can help (only if you're willing to / have the time / resources to):

1. Newsletter - From 1st October I'm going to be sending out an email newsletter to everyone who signs up showcasing castle products, introducing the latest offers and anything else. It'll only be a one page attachment once a month. I won't be emailing you all the time and I won't be passing your info on to anyone else. For the newsletter to be successful, I need people to sign up to it. If you're interested or know anyone who is then please just email me: with the subject saying "newsletter sign up" or something similar.

2. Sample santa letters - I'm sure the more people see the santa letters the more popular they're going to be. If anyone works / has children in a pre school, nursery or primary school please get in touch. I'd love to send you a sample of the letter to show to other mums and dads. As an incentive, anyone taking a sample with receive a free letter for one of their children.

3. Spreading the word - My twitter is @jeeberella why not follow us there too and retweet any interesting tweets to your friends? Also if you work for a large organisation why not contact me about receiving a free poster to advertise on any noticeboards you have?

4. AOB - If you can think of any other ways to advertise the castle then please let me know, I'm all ears.

Another massive thank you to all my fans as well as the fellow business pages who do shout outs for me, much appreciated as always

Much love

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