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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Progress Update - August

 August started off with a bit of a nightmare as some scumbag tried to break into my car by removing the barrel from my passenger lock. Would have been too expensive to try and replace it so King Neil had to stop it from working altogether then block it up. Then my brakes needed replacing and my sump went. So all in all car's cost me £250 this month!!!
On the plus side, sold one of my wall hangings to a returning customer. Personalised it for her sisters wedding, bought a nice box, filled it with tissue paper and wrapped it up in ribbon looked lovely.

As you may know, I've decided not to do any craft fairs until it starts getting closer to Christmas (more on that later). So this month I've made the most of my time and done some non related business stuff:
  • 14th August - Zumbathon
This was all in aid of Douglas McMillan. It was a sponsored Zumbathon trying to break the world record at the same time. So after 90 mins of zumba-ing we then got onto trying to break the world record. Still don't know if we did it but here some photos if you want to have a nosey!

  • 28th - 29th August - 24 hours in Chester
Booked this ages ago, thought we'd go away somewhere during the bank holiday so we went to Chester. Was only there for 24 hours but had a brilliant time. Was really nice to just get away, be out of the house and together. We'd also had lunch the day before with good friends and godchildren which was lovely. All in all a brilliant bank holiday weekend.
Anyway back to business!

Had an order for a personalised christening card - had a bit of a creative block for a bit but think it's come out quite nicely

Evans Dream Dress liked my facebook page and as I always do, I popped over to return the like and just said that I have some wedding gifts and cards and she very kindly offered to tag my page in one of her albums and do some shout outs for me. How nice is that?
I seriously suggest you go look at her facebook page too as the dresses are just AMAZING and she does made to measure dresses based on any design / photo you can give to her!

Did have a massive stumbling block in August though, managed to get suspended from using my facebook properly as it deemed me to be spamming! 15 days of only being able to update my own page, like other peoples but not communicate with anyone has been really tough, especially as I've had some fab new items become available after some inspiration!

Wedding bunting: This proper freaked King Neil out I must say but after he'd started breathing again even he said how nice it was!

Christmas letters from santa: These are available to pre-order now with x3 different delivery dates. Already sold two and had enquiries for a load more

Letters from the tooth fairy: Same as the santa letters but from the tooth fairy just £2.50 each delivered

Santa window signs: Perfect for people with no garden or who just want a nice personalised window decoration £5 each

Baby grow t shirt transfers: Started off with a few designs to give people the jist and this is one that was ordered (she's always called her daughter little miss pockets)

And finally did a big order for Catherine's son's Ben and Holly Little Kingdom themed birthday party:

Every birthday boy needs invitations

Birthday bunting

And these are a brilliant idea! Tag's that tie onto a balloon for a balloon race.

Kind of stealing that idea for some marketing over the next few weeks so watch out for that!
Talking of the next few weeks going to be rather busy!
5th September - Babysitting mine and Neil's godchildren for the day all by myself
12th - 14th September - Away with work in Plymouth
16th September - Well earned rest from work and catching up before...
17th September - Helping friends move house
18th September - Craft Fair
19th September - Back in Plymouth for the day

Then some point in October it's going to be my goddaughter's christening not only am I going to have to do a speech (eek) but I'm also making a giant christening cupcake! Claire of Over The Rainbow Cake Creations has very kindly offered to help me decorate it as she's a lovely local lady who also promotes my products on a local wanted, for sale and free group that she administers!

So yes that's it for now, busy busy busy as ever :)

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