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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Grr and argh!

Unless you've been hiding in a cardboard box for the last week, you'll all have seen the riots in London spreading across the country and while it luckily hasn't affected me directly I can't help but feel angry about it.

As most of you know, I work full time as well as running the castle and my employer have offices in Manchester and people who work in the Arndale Centre. Must say Iwas in disbelief as I watched it all unfold there last night as I was only there on Monday and walked past a lot of the scenes that were broadcast on sky news!

While it's a massive inconvenience to the bigger stores like jessops, foot asylum, miss selfridge they can at least afford to rectify the damage. I was so angry for all those family run businesses that have been affected, especially in London. People have to work so hard to make a business work, something I probably didn't appreciate until I started my own 7 months ago. And for it all to be gone overnight due to teenage thugs is just heartbreaking, especially as insurance doesn't cover you for "acts of god" which is what this mindless violence is classed as.

I guess I'm just really disappointed that people, and I say people but despite perception it's not just teenagers that are at the root of this, feel justified in what they're doing and by their attitudes towards it. Maybe I expect too much of people but on the flip side the reaction from local communities has made me very proud to be British. And I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of our police force. Staffordshire Police have been regularly updating their facebook and twitter accounts to reassure people the our county is safe, they've deployed extra police as a precaution and dealt with people who were using social media to try and encourage violence to take place.

So despite all the bad stuffg, it's really highlighted to me how communities can pull together when they need to and that our police force do everything they cna to protect us :)

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