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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Get tweet tweeting and more!

Yet another blog from the castle, I'm on a roll just lately.

This blog is a few things I've picked up on lately, hope you enjoy :)

This is more advice than anything else, but I do get ever so slightly alarmed when I see business pages updating facebook, twitter, folksy and their websites with the fact that they're going on holiday. You wouldn't put an ad in the local paper saying you were going on holiday and leaving your house unattended for X amount of days. But you may as well so when you're putting it online especially as if you're selling online by law you have to provide your postal address. You never know whose looking at your info and that kind of info in the wrong hands can be terrible!
Just a word of caution that's all, tell people when you're back and apologise when you're back if you've had enquiries!

After receiving my facebook suspension for supposed spamming I've been using twitter a lot more and realised there are huge benefits to it as the concept for networking is really the same as facebook!

Now if like me you don't know where to start with it here's what I've learnt the last week!

Facebook and Twitter link

It's not for everyone, but I've linked my facebook page to my twitter account. Saves me a lot of time and a lot less duplication of effort. Here's how you do it:

  • Log into your page
  • Click on edit page
  • Click on resources on the left
  • There should be a "Link your page to twitter" option
  • It then asks you to log in as your personal profile
  • You choose whichever options you want i.e. status, events, photos etc
  • These options can be changed at any time just access it in the same way

I wondered what on earth trending was but in a nut shell it's anything that starts with #

People can then search for tweets that contact whatever words they're after.

Just lately I've been doing a lot of wedding stuff so I've been #wedding and #bride in a lot of my tweets.

If you want to see what the latest trends log into twitter and on the right hand side of the home page about half way down it shows you the most popular words that are trending.

During the riots a few weeks ago, you can imagine what the top trends were!

Experiment with your trending words, you never know what people may be looking for!

Following vs mentioning

It's really easy to follow people on twitter, you just click the little button and wait for it to go green. Simples!

I've now made a concious effort to make sure I do what I do on facebook and stop by and say Hi.

Next to the follow button is a button with an outline with an option to mention them too.

Of course you only have your 160 characters but there's a lot you can say and make it personal. There's something lovely about having a mention where it's obvious the person has taken time to have a look at what you're all about first!


I discovered the other day that people had been retweeting my tweets without me knowing!

Retweeting is just as easy as tweeting itself. If you see a tweet you think is cool or would like to share just click the retweet button underneath.

To see if people have been retweeting your tweets just click on the retweets button on the what's happening page and have a nosey and return the retweet maybe?

The thought of blogging can be pretty scary, I know I put it off for ages as I wasn't sure where to start. Now look at me :)

Blogger seems to be very popular as it's so easy to use, personalised, update, share and like blogs. Once you've written a blogger blog you can like it to both your personal and business page :)

I'm no blogger expert but don't think about blog content too much just go with the flow. Got something to say, then say it!

I originally set my blogger account up to blog about my monthly progress updates but now I love it and use it whenever I feel the need to! It's great as all your blogs are on one web link so people can easily flick through your previous ones too!

Also a great way to tell people about things that are coming up, new product ranges that are now available and special offers :)

Well that's me done for one blog, hope it helps someone...anyone teehee


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