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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Facebook networking

Evening all!

I've been unfortunate enough to have my facebook page suspended for 15 days due to spamming. Now I've never had a problem with spreading the castle over networking pages before but it seems Facebook have changed the parameters for what they consider spamming. I can still use my page, like other pages and comment on things on my page but I can't write on anyone elses.

So I thought I'd just share some advice as well as sharing a list of networking pages that people may find useful:
  • Send in the troops
  • OurLocalCrafts
  • An interview with
  • Rainbow Studios Small Business Network
  • Showcase Me
  • Fan Page Promote
  • Pass the Page Parcel UK & IRE
  • Pop round for a cuppa
  • Addicted to networking
  • The crafty network
  • Crafty networking
  • We love networking
  • The page postman
  • Fanpage party
  • Handmade for you UK
  • UK handmade craft pages
  • Handmade Crafts Directory (UK)
  • 360 shout outs
  • Captain shout-out
  • Promote my fan page
  • Oh yeah shout outs
If you have anymore that I don't know about just let me know and I'll add them on.

Just a few tips to think about when you're using this list to network and get your business page out there:
  • Make your "advert" as that's essentially what it is, a bit different. Leave links to your blogs, online shops, photo albums as well as telling people in a short and sweet way what you do and what you offer. If you have a special offer on, make sure you tell people about it too!
  • Don't copy and paste the same message onto lots of pages in a short space of time. Facebook think it's spamming. So always manually type the message in.
  • Be very careful with these silent tagging status games, liking too many pages in a short space of time can also be seen as spamming.
  • Also be careful when marching on pages that you're not doing them too quickly, especially if you've joined late and are catching up.
  • If in doubt, leave 15 - 20 mins between each "group" of posts. I'd suggest doing 5 at a time just to be on the safe side. I've been doing what I've been doing since February and it's never been a problem, facebook must have changed their parameters for spamming so be careful peeps!
PS. For anyone that doesn't know what silent tagging here goes: A business page invites people to comment below their status by tagging their business page using the @ symbol then typing their business name. If you hover over that "tag" you can then like that page without having to visit it. The problem with this is that you can like a lot of pages in such a short time that facebook again thinks you're being too active / spamming!

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