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Thursday, 4 August 2011


Tonight's the first night in ages where I haven't had any business work to do and I'm relishing it!

I've got no orders to do (just two to pop in envelopes and post out tomorrow), I'm all up to date with my finances / receipts / spreadsheet. I've done some networking earlier this evening and now I'm just chilling with a cup of tea!

Did reach 800 facebook likers tonight which is AMAZING so decided to offer a 10% discount on any orders placed within the next 7 days to celebrate! Castle has lots of offer so please so take a look around my facebook page or my WowThankYou shop

On the not so good side, I'm on day 2 of my diet and have realised I can't last all day without carbs so going to have to do some jiggery pokery with my calories. I'm determined to lose some weight but the change in diet / eating habits could explain why I'm feeling ever so tired last few days.
I love my food and not just the typical naughty stuff like cake, chocolate and sweets but bread, I LOVE bread. A nice crusty loaf smothered in butter mmmm....
Anyways must stop thinking about food. Hope you enjoyed my mini blog.

Much love from the castle :)

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