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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Progress Update - July

Thought I'd do the blog a bit early this month as I've got so much to tell you and couldn't really wait any longer!

July got off to a bit of a massive bang to be honest!
Came home from holiday on Friday the 1st and after wondering how to market the business with no budget I had two fab offers:

Amy of Zula Craft's offered me 50 free flyers in return for me promoting her page on my facebook page, on my blog (tada) and even on the flyers themselves.

And Where to in Carmarthenshire did me a fab free listing on their website here. Go take a look even if you're not in Wales :)

Then to top off a fab first day in July send in the troops asked their legion of troopers to march on my page. Not 100% sure of the total figure, but within 10 minutes I had 99 new likers, which is fantastic!

So what else happened in July....
  • I was approached by Lynn's Crafts to sign up to their craft newsletter and also sent my contact info, product photos and descriptions to be included in a later edition!
  • I was also approached by Theresa from Northampton Special Baby Care Unit asking me if I would donate one of my items for a charity auction to raise funds for the unit. They held an auction last month and raised a whopping £1000!
  • Had 2 card orders from the lovely Leanne - one of the older sibling cards for her eldest daughter and another one for her new baby daughter from her big sister. She loved the cards and then after the arrival of baby Megan (huge congratulations again, two lil girlies eek) and ordered 2 of the baby collages as well (available for just £5 each in any colour scheme)
  • I had an order for a welcome home card for a baby who was finally allowed to go home after being born 3 months premature. Couldn't help but feel sentimental about it, especially as I know the mum.
  • Had my 3rd folksy order (although one of them never paid so I guess technically it's 2nd) for the older sibling cards which are proving quite popular. I might look at doing some clipframes with the cute poem in as they'd be a lovely keepsake for a big brother or sister.
  • Received my 4th Folksy order for a happy birthday the first as my daddy penguin card. What I'm finding weird about these Folksy orders is that I haven't updated my Folksy page for quite some time as it wasn't getting me anywhere and I wasn't planning on renewing my listings when they expire in August, but now I'm thinking I might renew some of them as people are obviously managing to find them!
  • My friend Katie who I did a custom card order for a few months ago, recommended me to one of her friends for christening invitations. She has since changed her mind but great that I'm being recommended to people.
  • I went to the Biddulph Craft Fair thinking about what I could replace the ribbon with on the door hangers and room signs - garden twine. Ordered some from ebay in cream, red and blue then designed some wall hanging signs. Let me know what you think:

Thought these could be a lovely little wedding / anniversary present or even as a present for yourself as they're personalised with the happy couple's names at the top.
Turns out I was correct as my friend Rose ordered one two days later for her sisters wedding :)

And thought would look fab in the kitchen or the hallway? Made these into 9cm x 9cm fridge magnets as well

Craft fair news:
  • Adderley Green Festival Sunday 17th July - The less said about this the better, complete wash out! Lasted 3 hours before the wind and rain destroyed my stall and broke one of the gazebo poles! I did a previous blog for this one if you scroll back and have a look.
  • Biddulph Festival Saturday 23rd July - Must say that this was a lovely craft fair, the space itself was lovely and bright and the quality of the other stall holders was fantastic. Had my first (and only) sale within the first 15 minutes but had plenty of interest and positive feedback which was good. Gave out a few business cards as well as people asked to take them so that was promising. Also met some lovely ladies next to me. It was their first craft fair and must say they were very well organised. Monkey Sew, Monkey Do make gorgeous and very cosy looking quilts and some fab baby bibs. SoSo make beautiful hearts and heart bunting in lovely fabrics. So while I didn't have the most successful of events it was certainly the most pleasant.
  • Be Gorgeous Summer Sizzler Wednesday 27th July - This was a local event set up to raise fundsMarie Curie Cancer Care. There was no stall fee was just asked to donate a raffle prize and encourage 5 people to come along. Had a fab night as some of my friends came along so it felt like a girly night out. Sold 1 custom card but loads of people took cards away with them which was good.
Tried out one of those fishy pedicure things, bit weird if I'm honest but was only £3 for 5 minutes and at least I've tried it! Here's an amusing photo my friend Stacey took...

So that's it for this month, I'm off out Friday night to Neil's best friends in Tamworth - we bought him a wine tasting evening for his 30th present and tomorrow is the night.

If there's anything in particular you want me to blog about, just let me know, other than that I shall update you in August :)

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