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Monday, 4 July 2011

Off days...

This might just be because I've had 10 days off work and I go back tomorrow but I'm having an off day today.

I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'm feeling fat (I lost 2 stone last year then piled it back on again), I'm not feeling myself and I'm meepy (more feeling sorry for myself)!

I've got 2 orders to sort out and a load of tidying to do and I just don't have any motivation whatsoever. In general I'm feeling like this...

I'm trying my best to remember how lucky I am...
I've got a roof over my head, we can afford to eat, wash and cloth ourselves, we don't have a massive amount of money but we get by and do cool things when we can.
Whilst we may have our ups and down (like any couple), I'm in a loving stable relationship.
I've got 2 gorgeous goddaughters (although technically one isn't but takes too much time to explain it lol).
Whilst I could be closer to my family, I know they're always there for me if and when I need them and vice versa.
And whilst the castle is technically just getting started, it's looking more and more positive each month.
So I should really be feeling like this...

Maybe a day taking it easy and a night off watching a film will help...

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