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Saturday, 23 July 2011


As some of you might know, I don't appear to have much luck with craft fairs for a few reasons:
  • People want things there and then. They don't want to part with money and not take something home. Find it really difficult to explain (without sounding rude) that I can't possibly have a huge range of names of all of my products stock piled and that my products need to be made to order.
  • I get lots of "ooh that's nice" and "ooh that's different" then they walk past and I'm assuming it's because they don't need something there and then.
  • Despite coming to a craft fair event people genuinely come with no money, now I'm assuming this is a symptom of the recession so more people are browsing rather buying
A few times now I've said, that's it I'm not doing anymore, due to the costs involved eating into my profits. I'm rarely even making the money for the stall nevermind any profit. And when you consider the money I've had to put into creating a stall, the time spent there and the petrol getting there and back it's all adding up.

However, I have realised it does spur me on:
  • To look into further advertising opportunities
  • To look at my products - can I improve them?
  • To have new ideas about new products
  • To look at the types of craft fairs I'm attending
So while I may not be having a massive amount of luck money wise, business wise they're doing me the world of good!

Today's craft fair in Biddulph went OK, I had a sale within 15 minutes, gave out quite a few business cards and met some lovely ladies:

Monkey Sew, Monkey Do - gorgeous handmade quilts and baby bibs (really good quality)
SoSo - beautiful handmade hearts and heart bunting

And it's because of these lovely ladies that I had a brain wave. I've been thinking about the ribbon on the door hangers and room signs
Can't help but think it makes them look a tiny bit...well cheap!
So I've ordered some garden twine to replace the ribbon in blue, cream and red

So shall see how that works when I get it next week. Also designing some home decor signs as well for say the kitchen, hallway, bedroom etc. I do need some weird and wonderful sayings though, I don't want the usual ones you find in the shops, unless people request it. I am designing some ones intended as a small wedding present but you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for those in the next week or so :)

Anyways, hope you enjoyed my latest blog. If you want to see anything from me, just drop me an email


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