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Sunday, 19 June 2011

So where can you find the castle?

Hopefully my blogspot will catch on so thought I better tell you all where you can find the castle as it gets about a bit!


I'm always on facebook so this is probably the best place to contact me if you have any queries. I rely on my facebook to publicise all of my products, get feedback and interact with people. You don't need to write on my wall, there's a contact form on the left where the wall, photos are etc or you can email directly at


WowThankYou is a fab website. You have to be approved to sell on there and the initial joining fee money is used to market the website. Tracey who runs it is fab, sends regular updates and works very hard to promote the website and get traffic to the website.


All of my facebook posts are linked to twitter which is a godsend, I need to get better at replying to people tweets though.

Castle website

The website is still a work in process, once it's fully updated I'll be publicising this alot more. At the moment, the facebook page is more up to date than the website


Last but not least...I only started using blogspot this week but think it's fab and will be using that rather than the notes section like I have been doing. So the next progress update for June will be coming from blogspot. I like being able to play about with the backgrounds and stuff.

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