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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Progress Update - June

I’ve been doing my monthly progress updates on my facebook page but since I’ve found blogger I’ve decided to start doing them here instead.

June’s been a funny month:

On the one hand it’s been the best month for sales since the business started in February. When I’ve looked at sales, they’ve got progressively better as the months have gone on, which is great and I’m hoping it continues!

But on the other hand, the craft fairs that I thought I’d so well at have been utter disasters. People have been more interested in buying tat (and as harsh as that sounds it’s true). At one people were throwing money at the tombola to win carbonated water and a bottle of shampoo! And the other they were buying the cheap as chips jewellery that breaks after 10 mins by the bucket load.

The flipside of those disasters is that they have really made me think about how to sell and where to market myself. So I’ve decided to do the craft fairs in July and then take stock of the situation and see where to go from there.

On the selling front, my biggest sales at the moment are custom card orders and the more unusual gifts like the christening frames and day you were…frames. So since I’ve sorted out the fridge magnets, I’ve got a good portfolio of products so I’m sticking with what I’ve got.

On the marketing front, I’ve got a fab presentation with all of my products on, brief descriptions and prices etc which will hopefully help. I’ve also thought about where to advertise and my friend Natasha Michel suggested children’s centres. So I’ve emailed all the local ones and got a response already which is fab. So got at least poster going up. I think when I get back from holiday what I might do is just post a poster out to them all!

So what else has been going on…

·         The castle got a new logo courtesy of Happy Hands who made a doodle that my friend Leanne did and turned it into the logo
·         Extended the product range to include fridge magnets and feedback has been great so far

·         Created two day you were born laminated keepsakes for friends daughters for their 1st birthday’s

·         Had two orders for the will you be my godparent postcards

·         Did a custom card order for Craig which his wife loved so will make that available as a template now too

The progress report is a bit early this month as I’m on holiday tomorrow for a week so the castle is closed. I’ll be celebrating my birthday while I’m away which is weird…I’ve never been bothered about turning a year older, but this year I’m going to be 25!!!

The castle is now 5 months old so fingers crossed that July is a bumper month J

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