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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Is it really "all experience"?

I've had a weird few days. First I was preparing for what I expected to be a successful craft fair in Bakewell. Bakewell's a gorgeous little Derbyshire town that is a tourist hot spot at the weekend (if anyone's interested here's a link to Bakewell's website) as it's the home of the Bakewell tart. Although after visiting the bakewell tart I know and love isn't what you find in Bakewell, it's the traditional bakewell pudding that you'll find. Still gorgeous though!

I spent most of Friday evening sorting out a presentation for my laptop to take with me, which you can find here (feel free to share this with whoever you see fit)

However, after getting up at 7:15am, driving for an hour each way and being out of the house for just over 10 hours, it was a massive disaster. The rain put people off, there was a huge dog show just down the road but not within walking distance to attract people to the fair from there, majority of people that did come in were on the conveyor belt (walked round very quickly and straight out the door again), I had 2 people interested in personalised cards but they wanted to take them away with them there and then. Once I explained I had to do the personalising at home they weren't interested.

Now, I was sitting next to a lovely jewellery seller (Rocks and Silver by Clare, all sterling silver and proper gem stones, fab stuff I can tell ya) and a husband and wife team who make wooden clocks with pictures / characters on. They were trying to be helpful by suggesting I take my printer, laminator and all my bits and peices to craft fairs in the future and I know a few people have suggested doing the same on my facebook page, but it's just not do-able for a few reasons:
  • Not all craft fairs have power supplies
  • My printer and laminator are huge bits of kit to lug around
  • A lot of my cards aren't just simply printed off, they take assembly
  • It would be too time consuming making cards up while people waited
  • I would have to purchase 2 tables at any craft fair as I just wouldn't have the room otherwise, this would bump my costs up a lot
However, while it was a disaster sales wise, it gave me a kick up the backside to think of other outlets. So while still at the fair I took to my facebook page to ask people for other ideas and the ideas I've had have been great re: advertising:
  • Children's centres
  • Nursery and primary schools
  • Libraries
Plus the lovely Jane suggested I contact the local markets as there always seems to be space in Leek. And the more I thought about it the more I think that's probably one of the best ideas so far. The biggest issue with my stuff is that you don't always need it when you see it, if I can get a regular spot somewhere then people will know where to find me when they do need something!

So last night and this morning, I've emailed the local councils about the markets (hoping it's not a stupid amount of money), I've emailed all the children's centres in the area and I've just got the huge list of primary schools to go and find emails from so I can get emailing them to.

I may have waffled on a bit but if I hadn't gone to the craft fair and it been a complete let down, I wouldn't have asked people for other ideas and I wouldn't be doing what I am now to get the business promoted locally. So the next time someone says "it's all experience" I won't be quite so quick to dismiss it!

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  1. Great blog love reading your blog. I think you are right about the market stall. Hope it all works out. You have lovely products keep your faith xxx