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Thursday, 16 June 2011

The castle continues...

I'm new to this blogging malarky after I've been putting off giving it a go for quite some time! So here goes...

Jeeberella's Craft Castle has been up and running since February and while progress may have been slow and steady I think I'm getting somewhere now.

The website is up and running
The Facebook page is now nearly up to 600 likers
Got a shop on WowThankYou which you have to be approved to sell on
You can keep up to date with castle happenings on Twitter with all facebook postings automatically going to there too

I try to have a balance between promotion and the more random things that happen in my life, such as what I'm having for tea, my weird sleep patterns and where and when I'm going on holiday.

I've met some lovely people along the way. Happy Hands creator Gayle has been a massive help recently encouraging me to join Blog TV as well as creating my lovely background page and offering to ease me in gentley by suggesting we do a joint live blog which could be quite exciting.

One area where I thought I'd be doing better by now is craft fairs. I've only been to 3 but apart from the first one, the other 2 have been disasters! I'm hoping it will go well @ the Bakewell Craft and Gift Fair this Saturday as Bakewell is a bit of a tourist attraction and the fairs are held every week so there is obviously demand for it.

I've updated both my stall layout and table cover in the hope that my products will contrast against it and it will get some extra attention
What do you think?
I've also invested in a rotating stand which I've attached my bookmarks to do they stand out a bit more

Thought it was something a bit different?

Other than that, orders are coming in steadily now which is great and I'm really enjoyign myself.
So yeah make sure you remember the castle when you need something a bit extra special!
Much love xxxx

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